About Lifestyle Orientations In Late Adolescence

About Lifestyle Orientations In Late Adolescence

This website highlights the lifestyle issues that the late adolescents tend to grapple with as they prepare to usher in adult life. With society being dynamic, and culture and traditions changing from time to time, the youth are caught up in a Catch-22 situation where they seek to have an identity for themselves separate from that of significant others in their lives.

Consequently, this website brings into focus some of the lifestyle choices that the late adolescents are likely to embrace. While some are hooked on drugs and substance abuse, others who have access to proper guidance have a better chance of experiencing a positive transition into early adult life.

Lifestyle Challenges in Adolescence

Adolescence is a period where youth are engrossed in a search for “identity”. They desire to be independent of their parents and as a result are prone to experimenting with many things in their surrounding environment. For instance, some may get hooked on drugs and substance abuses, while others may drop out of school and engage in criminal activity. Similarly, it is at this stage of life that the prevalence rate of unwanted pregnancies is high due to involvement in a promiscuous lifestyle.

Other than the risks of unwanted pregnancies, the youth in late adolescence is also at a high risk of contracting STIs. Consequently, at this stage of life, teenagers need guidance on appropriate behavior change that not only has a positive impact on their health but also prepares them for a productive adult life.