Evolution of Technology, Internet and Online Writing

As in previous pages we talked about bloggers, some people might argue that they are not dead and that they have simply evolved… Like Pokémon. Some will go on to say that YouTubers are the new bloggers. So, apparently no person that had an occupation or vocation before becoming a blogger or YouTuber should actually be called that. Most of them probably have something to say: a message, something to offer, something interesting to show and spread through the Internet. Most of them generate contetumblr_njzjpobucg1slhhf0o1_1280-1024x768nt. And probably, those who are old enough have probably done so long before the advent of the Internet as we know it today.

That is also the case with people behind this webpage. For other type of entertainment, visit casino-freespin.co.uk and party on. Freelance writers who may have had a blog at some point in life but who maybe have been writers for many years now. Many people behind blogs, YouTube channels and websites were already writers since the time they wrote their very first story and someone read it. It could have even been way back in elementary school. So is it technology’s fault that the word blogger has come to have a negative connotation?

For many centuries, people have written stories or chronicles with the various writing tools that were available; pencils, notebooks, blackboards, pens, folders, typewriter, A4 sheets, electric typewriter, letters, computers… And no one bothered to label them as anything else but writers; no matter where or how you wrote, or what medium one used, one would always be a writer. But at the turn of the century, (20th to 21st), writers trying to keep up with their daily progress and workflow, many turned to technology, the Internet and online tools, and instead of using notebooks, or typewriters, they started using blogs. Imagine the frustration of those people who, for many years, had been struggling to become writers and, overnight, someone comes along and insists on attaching an absurd label to them; a label in big, bold, capital letters that read “Blogger”.