Love, Relationships and Technology

In an era of technology, smartphones, virtual reality, augmented reality, apps like Pokémon Go and such, one no longer observes the historical troubles or misunderstandings that arose from having to set up a meeting and/or meeting point with one’s friends or one’s date a few days in advance. Some peopokemon-1571013_960_720ple seem to think that life was easier then. Or was it?

What happened when you decided to meet up with a friend or a date at a particular place and time and you were late or, even worse, you could not make it? There was no way to prevent the other person from waiting for you in vain; sometimes minutes, sometimes hours passed, with a broken hear, feeling stood up.

Technology, smartphones and apps, from now on, will hinder many of the stories created and told by the coming generations. Love stories will be bleaker, flavorless, much more predictable. Will the same be happening to real life? Are we not depriving ourselves of heroic adventures because of our permanent online status? Will anyone run desperately to the airport to prevent the love of their life from getting on a plane ever again? Is this what philosophers mean by technological apocalypse?

Will people be sending pitiable, brief text message from their own couch? Perhaps just a missed call, fingers crossed that the loved one does not have his or her phone in vibration mode. Why make the effort to live on the edge of adventure, if technology is always there to interfere? Our sky is already infested with signals, radio waves and state secrets that come and go, encrypted, adding to the fictional secrets contained in the collective memory, like “the apple is poisoned”, or that “if you kiss the girl who fell into an eternal slumber, she will wake up”. Plots are losing their glow, their mystique (in fiction and real life). From now on, heroes and heroines will always be lazy.